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Sharbo dog is a crossbreed of the Chinese Shar-Pei and the Boston terrier, originally in the US during the 2000s. Both the Boston terrier and Shar-Pei are purebred dogs, reared chiefly for pit fighting in the US and China respectively. The Sharbo, therefore, happens to be a versatile hybrid dog and extremely popular as a family pet. This dog tends to be very affectionate, faithful, and caring by nature and is strongly protective towards its family. With proper training, the Sharbo can also become a loving and trustworthy companion. Since it is a hybrid, it has inherited the behavioral traits, temperament, and physical features of its parents. On the flip side, this dog displays a few health issues that plagues the Shar-Pei. Additionally, its brachycephalic muzzle, another physical characteristic it has inherited from its parents, also poses health risks. If you take proper care of this dog, it’ll go on to lead a healthy and active life for 8-13 years.

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The Sharbo, like its parents, comes across as a very playful, adoring, intelligent, and active dog. However, it has the tendency to become overactive, aggressive, and belligerent if it feels that its family is under threat. If you try to socialize the Sharbo when it’s still a pup, then you can bet it’ll gel well with other dogs, kids, and strangers. Nevertheless, it’ll have a soft corner towards its family and will develop a lasting relationship with a particular family member. Though normally, the dog happens to be somewhat idle and laidback, it’d be more than willing to play with you. He still retains his hunting drive, thanks to the predatory instincts of the Shar-Pei and Boston terrier, his parents. He could be aloof and suspecting towards strangers but adopt a tolerant attitude if he receives good training.

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15-20 inches
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30-50 lbs.
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General Health

The Sharbo could be extremely susceptible to health problems including but not limited to atrophy, brachycephalic syndrome, and hip dysplasia. It could also be vulnerable to entropion, demodectic mange, and demodicosis, glaucoma, hypoplastic trachea, spina bifida, and Cushing’s syndrome. Make sure you take the dog to a vet’s once every six months for a complete physical examination.

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Though there is no specific recorded evidence, this breed may have evolved in the US during the early 21st cent or late 20th cent. It was during this period that hybridizing pure breeds became very popular in the US and Europe. The American Kennel Club recognized the Boston terrier and the Shar-Pei in 1893 and 1962 respectively. Numerous dog breed registries now recognize the Sharbo as a hybrid dog breed. These registries include the International Designer Canine Registry, Dog Registry of America, and the American Canine Hybrid Club.

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Talking about maintenance, this dog does fine with moderate to low maintenance as it sheds minimally. The dog’s coat is moderately water-resistant and hypoallergenic and it has a fetish for staying clean. So, you’ll need to brush his coat just once in a week.

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Ideal Environment

The Sharbo adapts well to both indoor and outdoor environments.

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