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The Shairn-Inu is a new breed of dog obtained by crossing the Japanese Shiba-Inu with the Scottish Cairn Terrier. It is a small dog breed that exhibits traits and physical features of its parents. Like the Cairn terrier its coat is rough and coarse while its weight and height are somewhat similar to Shiba-Inu. This hybrid dog shares traits of possessiveness, aggressiveness, stubbornness, obedience, friendliness, and loyalty with its parents. Since the dog craves for attention and does not like to be left alone, you should bring home a pup only if you can spare sufficient time. The dog breed is receptive to its master’s feelings and bonds well with the children and the elderly. Shairn-Inu sports a coat of medium length which is coarse and thick with colors ranging from cream to black, red, grey, and brown. It has a short and stout built making it ideal for chasing and hunting. The dog’s features brown, oval-shaped eyes with erect, triangular ears with a wavy tail.

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The Shairn-Inu is an affectionate and emotional breed of dog that likes to socialize with people, especially kids. It also has a tendency to dig, plow, and explore its surroundings-qualities it has inherited from its parents. However, being sensitive by nature, a Shairn-Inu does not at all prefer isolation. Though quite affable and forthcoming towards dogs of other breeds, it takes an aggressive stance if and when it feels alarmed. Providing socialization training from an early stage allows the Shairn-Inu to live in harmony with other dogs and pets. This dog can behave stubbornly and become intransigent at times, its intelligence notwithstanding. Caring for this canine calls for having gargantuan stamina and patience; so you should not think about rearing it if you stay busy.

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Male:-11-15 inches; Female-11-15 inches
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13-15 pounds
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General Health

Watch out for signs and symptoms of elbow and hip dysplasia, Portosystemic Shunt, glaucoma, hypothyroidism, patellar subluxation, cataracts, and atopic dermatitis. PSS (portosystemic shunts) in a Shairn-Inu could be congenital or acquired. Schedule a visit to the vet’s chamber at least once every 3-4 months, and ensure for a complete physical examination.

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Very scanty information is available about the Shairn-Inu as it is one of the rarest of hybrid dog breeds. Only two reputed breed registries recognize the Shairn-Inu-the International Designer Canine Registry and the Designer Breed Registry. Studying the backgrounds of its parents, the Cairn terrier and the Shiba-Inu gives one a fair idea about Shairn-Inu’s behavioral traits, heath conditions, and so on. The Shiba-Inu became almost extinct during WWII when Japan was at the receiving end of bombing raids. This Japanese dog set foot in America post WWII, specifically in the fifties. On the other hand, the Cairn terrier’s origins were relatively obscure till its emergence in Scotland’s Isle of Skye. The Cairn terrier first came to the US almost towards the end of the 19th century.

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As the Shairn-Inu sheds moderately, you do not need to go overboard with maintaining its coat. Use a pin brush or bristle for brushing its hide once in a week. Bathe the dog only when its coat gets very dirty.

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Ideal Environment

As the Shairn-Inu sheds moderately, you do not need to go overboard with maintaining its coat. Use a pin brush or bristle for brushing its hide once in a week. Bathe the dog only when its coat gets very dirty.

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