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Scotinese is a cross breed between a Scottish Terrier and a Pekingese. It is a small size dog possessing a long body and short legs. The canine resembles both his parents in terms of personality he owes. The soft fur of Scotinese proliferates and requires daily brushing. Due to the variation in the looks of the parents of Scotinese, this canine gets variation in his look also. Sometimes he has a flat nose that resembles Pekingese, and the other features match with the look of Scottish Terrier. Similar to Scottish Terrier, he might get upright ears and long feather with fur like Pekingese.

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Scotinese carries the temperament of both his parents that are playful, independent, self-assured, and aggressive nature. Similar to Pekingese, Scotinese also owns royal personality, self-assurance, and high self-esteem. This chubby character enjoys having the attention of its owner. Scotinese inherits the wonderful quality of being loyal and having an excellent memory. This sweet little character showcases a very adorable nature towards the family members, but he also becomes conscious at the time of sensing any stranger.

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10-11 inches
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19-22 lbs
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General Health

The major health issues that Scotinese face are Hemophilia, Bladder Stones, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cancer Cushing\'s Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Neurological Conditions. They have to go through certain occasional tests such as Eye examination, Skin Evaluation, Blood Analysis, Full Physical Examination, and Spine X-Rays.

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Scotinese is a cross between Scottish Terriers and Pekingese, resulting in having few similar health issues. Scottish Terrier is a smart, independent little dog earlier used for hunting vermin in the Scottish highlands. During early days farmers used to bred the canine to be stocky, short, and strong to make them dig the burrows of vermin and pull them out easily. Pekingese is an origination of over 2000 years old history back in Western China. The Buddhist monks loved these lapdogs, and Chinese emperors used to keep them by their side. These canines got their name Pekingese from the word \"Peking\" that was a Chinese Forbidden City. They received a gift from royal family members of China. Scotinese are a great combination of these two parent breeds that have the quality of being independent, brave, and soft nature lapdog.

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Scotinese has soft fur coat with long length. They get the shed free nature of their coat from the Scottish Terrier and excessive shedding feature to create new coat from Pekingese. Scotinese requires daily brushing for their coat and lesser trims for making them look neat and clean. This will protect the coat from getting tangled and matted. These canines are not keen to bath regularly instead of occasional baths are enough for them. Proper care is a must for the ears, toes, nails, and teeth, to maintain hygiene and their health.

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Ideal Environment

Scotinese is the best-mixed breed resembling the nature of both his parents. The Scottish Terrier desires moderate exercise, and Pekingese needs little one. Scotinese requires moderate walk and are suitable for apartment life. If you want to skip the walk, you can make them play some game of fetch and let them relax the whole day. These canines are good in creating a strong bond with their owner, but they have also had an independent side derived from Scottish Terrier.

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