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Scorkie is a crossbreed between silky coated Yorkshire Terrier and rough coated Scottish Terrier. The derived breed receives the genes of either parent. Scorkie owns soft coat that can vary in color from zed black to grey, and tan depending upon the genes infused from the dominant parent breed. The head of this breed is square with long hair looking for the beard. They have large brown eyes in round shape with standing ears in a triangular shape. The short legs of Scorkie make him short in height with a minimum gap between the ground and the body. They have a short tail wagging high above in the air.

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Scorkie is a trendsetter in terms of being a loyal canine. These affectionate breeds turn out to be good and jolly friends for an individual. They tend to be the stubborn canine during an early age, making it important for their owners to train them properly. Suitable for the singles and the old age people, Scorkie shares all those emotions that one expects from a child. They possess the skill of being an alarm barker and are fast enough to alert their masters during the time of any unhappening. The stamina of this little pooch is low, but regular exercise is enough to maintain their stamina and keep them healthy and active.

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8-9 inches
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8-25 pounds
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General Health

The major health issues that can affect Scorkie are Hip Dysplasia Legg-Calve Perthes Disease. Occasional diagnoses of disease such as Von Willebrand\'s Disease, Cushing’s Disease, Hypothyroidism, and Epilepsy are a must.

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Scorkie is a popular mixed breed between the Scottish Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. Scottish Terrier is a small black terrier bred on the farms of Scotland to control the vermin. This breed belongs to the popular Skye Terrier Group famous for its rough coat and medium length hair. Even this Scottish breed helped out with the rat problem in the urban areas. The Yorkshire Terrier is the other Scottish breed that turns towards the urban areas during the Industrial Revolution. Also, known by the name Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier weights around 3 to 7 pounds. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1885.

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Scorkie is a hypoallergenic dog with less shedding or drooling. Brushing them weekly or bi-weekly will prevent tangles from forming on the coat. It will help in removing the dead hair, and that traps in the double coat. The skin of the Scorkie is sensitive that sometimes grows into allergic dermatitis in case the natural oils flow away while taking a bath. Owners must avoid regular bath and make use of pin or brush to spread the natural oils over the skin.

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Ideal Environment

The Scorkie is popular as the low energy dog and therefore demands time for regular exercise. Well, this little pooch is not meant for a high level of exercise instead of roaming actively inside the house is enough. They enjoy spending an active routine inside the house all day long without getting bored or lazy. Although this breed belongs to Scotland, yet it is not capable enough to tolerate extreme temperatures. They easily adapt urban living but require mental stability to avoid the creation of negative behaviors from forming, digging, and chewing.

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