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(Gazelle Hound, Arabian Hound, Persian Greyhound, Tanji, Persian Sighthound) The Saluki is a rather unique looking breed. They have a small round head with a long narrow muzzle and large, round, brown eyes. One of their most distinctive features is their long ears covered in silky hair. They also have long, skinny necks which stand out against their broad chests designed to help them run faster. Their legs are long and skinny ending with small round feet. Their tail is long and covered in silky hair just like their ears. However, the rest of their fur is very short. Their coat comes in fawn, white, gold, cream, red, or black and tan colors.                

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The Saluki is a gentle and calm breed. This breed is very reserved and not very affectionate even with family. They do well with children as long as the children are calm and do not play rough. Strangers will get a neutral greeting from Salukis. These dogs are intelligent but are not great in obedience training. They are can be scared or wary of other dogs and do better with other Salukis. Small animals should never be in a house with a Saluki because they will chase and kill the animals.  Unfortunately, this trait cannot be trained out of them.

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23-28 inches
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29-66 pounds
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General Health

Salukis are normally extremely healthy dogs but are inclined to get some inherited diseases.   Some of these diseases are cancer or types of eye diseases.  Salukis have an approximate life expectancy of 10-12 years.

The average litter site is 5 to 7 puppies.

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The Saluki is an ancient breed.  In fact, the Saluki was considered the royal dog of Egypt and may have been mummified along with the Pharaohs.  To Muslims, the Saluki is considered a gift from Allah so it can never be sold but can be presented as a gift to those who are highly regarded.  Like its relative the Afghan Hound, the Saluki is a hunter but its speed also makes it ideal for racing.

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The Saluki is an extremely easy breed to groom. Brushing or combing should be done about once a week to remove dead hair. Their ears need to be cleaned and looked at often because their heaviness makes them vulnerable to infections and other problems. Exercise is extremely important for this athletic and energetic breed. They enjoy running but should be in a very secure area or they will chase after animals or cars.

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Ideal Environment

The Saluki is an active breed but not a breed for all families. They will not be loving or affectionate with their family. They do well with gentle children but because their body is frail they cannot play rough. Strangers will get completely ignored by this breed. Running and hunting are the Salukis favorite activities, so they are ideal for families who share these passions. This breed should live in a house with a large yard and a secure fence to keep them from escaping the yard.  This breed does best in warm weather but should not be in extreme heat because they can get sunburned.

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Getting a Saluki in Sydney Australia which is 9 months old from a dog refuge. Seems quite lively and more personality than I am toldthe breed usually has. Any tips on raising them?

Salukis puppies should be outgoing and very high energy. Lots of off-lead running in a fenced, safe location. At a year he can be entered into lure coursing. Check out will give you a calendar. You can practice him now on short courses. Socialize, socialize, socialize. And, have fun!

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