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The Rattle is an excellent combination of the Rat Terrier and the Poodle. The smartness of Poodle with the mulish streak of the Rat Terrier altogether produces affectionate, loving and protective pet. The Rattle is friendly with young kids and other animals. This medium yet an active dog can have a straight, short coat like the Rat Terrier or wavy, longer or curly coat like the Poodle. The dog ears can be triangular, floppy, or straight. The Rattle has amber or brown eyes and the medium length muzzle. This dog is also called a Ratpoo, Roodle, Radle Terrier, and Ratdoodle. The happy, clever, curious and fun-loving dog is an attention seeker

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The Rattle is a cute and intelligent dog that makes an excellent family pet. The early training and socializing are required as he can be excessively protective. This playful, goofy pet loves to spend time with his human companions. The dog is cautious around strangers and loves to vocalize, which makes him an ideal watchdog. It is important to keep the dog busy because of his curious nature. Boredom can make the Rattle destructive so the dog must not be left alone for a long time. Puzzle and toys can be smart options to keep him busy.

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12-20 inches
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30-40 pounds.
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General Health

The mixed breed dogs may inherit health issues from their parents. However, there is no specific health concern of this breed. The Rattle dog can be prone to Patellar Luxation, Cushings, Hypothyroidism, and Bloat.

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The origin of the Rattle is likely to be 30-40 years ago during the initial days of cross-breeding. Cross-breeding was done to produce hypo-allergenic, smaller and gentler variations of popular breeds. The Poodle was the retriever or hunter and companions for ladies. They are of three sizes toy, miniature, and standard. The American Rat Terrier was used for hunting rats and vermin on the farms who became less common after the use of poison.

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Depending on the coat, the Rattle requires maintenance. If the goofy pooh has inherited a Poodle’s coat, then there will not be much shedding, but it will be more challenging to maintain this type of coat. It requires daily brushing, detangling, and removal of debris and dirt. Clipping will also be required occasionally. However, if the Rattle has inherited the coat of the Rat Terrier, then they are easier to brush but more likely to shed. Nails should be clipped when required, and bathing is recommended only when needed. It is necessary to clean and dry his ears to avoid potential infection. Brushing the teeth is also necessary several times a week to maintain dental health.

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Ideal Environment

The Rattle is a medium sized active dog that needs mental stimulation, running, and games to keep him healthy and active. It is important to keep the dog busy as he may create nuisance in boredom. The terrier traits in the Rattle makes him active, so it is necessary to keep the dog mentally stimulated and away from mischievous activities while indoors.

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