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The Meagle tends to resemble the Miniature Pinscher when young but develop into a mix with short legs. Their markings resemble that of the Miniature Pinscher. This breed has short and medium length hair that does not require brushing. Shedding is not excessive. Some are known to be agile jumpers.

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The Meagle is very loving, intelligent and easily trained. This breed is known for following its nose and may need to be fenced and leashed at all times. They are escape artist and are able to fit under fences due to their small size. They are pleasant to children and other animals. They are playful and love to be outdoors. They are loyal like the Miniature Pinscher and generally strive to please their owners.

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18-25 pounds
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General Health

My meagle, got Cushing's disease. This is how I figured out that the dog was in fact a meagle. Beagles are at risk of this disease. But, was not in the kidney area like a beagle, it is in the brain "that is a good thing". It might be cause of the hybrid breed, that it's Not the aggressive Cushing's disease. So be aware that this breed can get Cushing's disease. But besides that... 10 years of pure happiness and counting!!

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This is a low maintenance breed. They are light shedders and don’t require brushing. Most owners bathe every 6 weeks.

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Ideal Environment

The Meagle is very adaptable and will do fine in an apartment if properly exercised. They are sensitive to cold weather and prefer to be kept indoors.

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How much do Meagles cost?

I don't think you should have to pay for a mutt. We got ours FREE from a friend. Until AKC registers it as a breed, I wouldn't spend any money on the dog. They are really great dogs but it's like mixing a poodle and a bulldog. It's not right and to make someone pay for the animal is ridiculous. What I would do is go down to your local animal shelter and adopt a dog there. There's plenty of other mutt's who need love too.

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