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The Cojack's coat is brown and white.

This breed comes in many different color combinations.

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The Cojack is a loving, family friendly breed. Often playful and interacts well with children. This breed is best suited for families.

The Cojack is an active breed that enjoys attention from its owners. It is affectionate and loving. This breed does well with families, children and other animals.

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17 pounds
They should be 20 lbs. at max. According to my vet.
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General Health

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Short hair doesn't need much brushing

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Ideal Environment

The Cojack is an active breed and needs space to run and exercise daily.

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My Cojack Roo Roo (looked like a baby kangaroo when I got him at 3 months, rescue) has alot of allergies, does this seem typical for Cojacks? I heard that Corgi's do. My vet is now recommeding allergy testing to see whet is causing this. He has to be on meds at all times. My poor baby claws himself to death and scratches all the time if not on these high priced meds. I hate to see him like this. I have tried change meds. But I would like to know if others have this problem also. He has the Corgi body, Corgi ears, and tail, and Jack hair and nose. A loveable puppy that hates men due to his abuse, and was very easy to train though I got him at 3 months. I would b lost without him and him me. We are joined forever. I would love to post a pic of him with his favortie blanket after bath time. thank you

My cojack is allergic to many things. The best thing we did was allergy testing. Once we found a food that worked his skin cleared. No chicken, no corn, no fish, and on the list goes. Grass is also a no no, so we have to walk only in the street. He goes on grass to potty and that's it. He is a funny little guy, we adore him. Another friend also has a cojack and has some of the same issues. I would not recommend this combo continue to be bred. Mine is a rescue because the previous owner wouldn't deal with all these issues. Good luck...your vet will appreciate you financing her child's college education :)

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