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(Collie and Poodle mix) The Cadoodle Is a large hybrid. He sports a double coat which will require a bit of maintenance. The ears can be floppy like the parent Poodle or erect and bent at the tips like the parent Collie. The build of this canine will be thin but sturdy.

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The Cadoodle is very intelligent with a high energy drive. He is a sporting dog by nature. Plan on a busy dog that will require lots of mental stimulation as well as physical activity. The Cadoodle will do well in sporting events and agility training. He loves his people.

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22-26 Inches
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50-70 pounds
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General Health

Displasia and Addisons Disease are two health issue possibilities to be aware of.

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The parent Standard Poodle is believed to have originated in Germany and then moved to France where it was popularized. A great hunting/sporting dog with water fowl retrieval being its great strength. The Collie is believed to have come from the borders of England and Scotland. This canine was used for herding purposes.

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Whether the coat is inherited from the Poodle or the Collie, it will require lots of regular brushing. Keep the coat well trimmed to prevent matting. Check his ears regularly to be sure they are clean and dry. If the dominant parent is the Poodle, the internal ear hair may need plucking.

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Ideal Environment

A fenced yard for play is best for the Cadoodle. He will benefit from walks with family to get exercise and hone his socialization skills. Easily trained he can accomplish many things. This will help keep him out of trouble.

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