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(American Bulldog and American Pit Bull Terrier) The Bullypit is a medium to large hybrid. They have a sturdy frame. Their short coat can be seen in many different colors. Their aim is to please their owner.

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The Bully-Pit is a caring breed that is playful and easy to train. If socialized early, they do well with other animals and dogs. They are loyal to their owners and are food motivated.

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21-25 inches
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40-100 pounds
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General Health

Dysplasia and a tendency towards eye issues can be passed down from the parent breeds.

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The American Bulldog began its history in the U.S. in the 1700s and was used for bull baiting and cattle driving. The American Bull Terrier was bred in the United Kingdom by crossing a Bulldog with a Terrier. This mix created a fearless breed of dog. It too was used in bull baiting.

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The coat of the Bullypit is very low maintenance. Weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush will keep the coat shiny and healthy. Only bathe if needed as too much bathing will strip the coat.

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Ideal Environment

The Bullypit will make a excellent companion dog. But you must be a strong pack leader. Not mean or aggressive as this will cause a negative affect on this hybrid. You need to be kind but firm and consistent so he understands you are the leader. Early socialization perhaps at a dog park and family walks will bring out the best in this one. Moderate exercise is required. He\'ll do well in agility.

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I got a puppy 6 months ago from a car repair place in garden grove .He was very stout then and now the guy i got him from said his mom was a $1600 blue bully pit .A buddy of mine got his brother and he is 7 months and 52 lbs ,mine is 7 months and 74lbs .His was the runt of the litter . I feed him good food Kirkland dog food not the best but good dog food . Any way i am kind of wondering how big hes going to get . when i got him i figured 75 to 80 lbs LOL . I know everyone ask this and without knowing for sure what he is its hard to know .But if anyone out there had a bully pit that weighed 75 lbs at 7 months . they could give me a good idea of what size he might be . thank you

well im the one who wrote this with no response lol well hes a year old now and is a great dog hes mellow best natured dog ive ever had . he weighs in at 97lbs on his 1 year birthday . come to find out if i believe the people i got him from hes a bully pit through and through ive been told by breeders he will grow until hes 2 or 3 years i expect him to get up to 120lbs . its funny when they grow its like watching a side show their butts get higher than there heads then they get long then about 10 months his head started growing lol right now hes a great looking dog . but im his dad so take it for what its worth .

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