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The Bull-Boxer has the blocky head of the Pit Bull combined with the chesty body of the Boxer. The legs are long like that of the Boxer. The coat comes in a wide mix of colors.

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The Bull-Boxer requires plenty of exercise and play. An under exercised Bull-Boxer may become anxious or destructive. Chew toys are recommended. If socialized from birth, the Bull-Boxer does fine with dogs, animals and children. Supervision is always required. This breed is protective and may play rough at times. Given a sharp intelligence, housebreaking is a simple task.

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22-26 inches
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50-80 pounds
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General Health

There may be a tendency towards eye issues, dysplasia, and obesity.

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The Boxer hales from Germany where it was used as a Military dog during WWI. The Bulldog is believed to originate in England where it was used for Bull Baiting in the 1500s.

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The Bull-Boxer doesn\'t require a lot of maintenance. Weekly brushing with a slicker brush and an occasional bath should be sufficient. Their skin can be sensitive, so if there are folds of skin, be sure to dry them thoroughly.

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Ideal Environment

A home with a fenced yard for play will be a good environment for the Bull-Boxer. If socialized well, he will enjoy time at a doggy park. Extreme temps are not advised as this hybrid doesn\'t tolerate very cold or very hot climates.

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This is not a question about the breed of dog. It is a question, as to why in the description you say they are a cross between a Boxer and American Bulldog? I am a owner of what has been genetically named a Bull Boxer. She is 1/2 Purebred Boxer (mother) and 1/2 American Pit Bull Terrier (father). I will provide this site with the much needed information about this breed of dog if the above is corrected. Thank you so much for your time.

The nomenclature is not universally standardized. People are cross mixing old English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, English staffs, American staffs, American pit bull dogs, bull mastiffs, boxers, neopolitan mastiffs, etc. together, with various groups giving their crosses different names. For many the term "pit bull" covers the lot of them. Your dog would be classified by some as a "Bullboxer pit" so that it would not be confused with, as an example, a mixture of boxer and old English bulldog.

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