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(Brussels Griffon and Pomeranian mix) The Brusselranian has the face of the Brussels Griffon, but the coat and stature lean towards the Pomeranian parent breed. They have inherited the great personality of both parent breeds and make a wonderful companion.

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The Brusselranian is a small dog with an abundance of energy. He is a fun loving little dog that loves his family. He may tend to bark, but it doesn\'t have the shrill yappy bark that is sometimes found in small breeds. This designer will train very easily as he is eager to please.

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7-10 inches
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3-10 pounds
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General Health

It is always possible to inherit ailments the parent breed is known to be predisposed to, but not always common; Patent Ductus and Arteriosus

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The Brussels Griffon comes from Belgium where it was used as a working dog to keep the stables clean of vermin. The Pomeranian originates in Pomerania which was near the Baltic Sea. Queen Victoria came back to Great Britain from Florence, Italy with a Pomeranian. The dogs popularity took off from that point on.

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Both parent breeds will shed, so brushing with a wire brush regularly is recommended. Combing will also help with any tangling. Bathe only as needed. Be sure the little ears are dry after bathing or swimming.

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Ideal Environment

Since the Brusselranian is such a high energy little hybrid, you will want to ensure he has plenty of active playtime. A yard isn\'t necessary but can be helpful. He will benefit from games of chase and tug of war with toys. This is an alert little dog that will benefit from the mental stimulation of training.

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