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(Boxer and Beagle mix) The Bogle can be a rather large dog taking on the size closer to a Boxer than the parent Beagle breed. The coat is short. It will sport colors of black, white, brown or tan - or a combination of these colors.

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Bogles have the nose of a Beagle and love to track small game. This breed needs lots of exercise and loves to be outdoors. This breed may jump when older so training from birth is necessary. They get along well with other dogs and childern. Most consider this breed to have high energy and it is known to dig.

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25-30 inches
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18-25 pounds
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General Health

This breed is prone to ear infections. It's important to clean their ears at least once a week. Boxers are prone to cancer and that recessive gene may be present in a Bogle.

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The Beagle began as a hunting dog, but with its exceptional sense of smell became a great dog for sniffing out drugs. The Boxer began in the 1800s in Germany. It is believed it was introduced to the U.S. in the early 1900s. The Beagle and Boxer are the parent breeds for the Bogle hybrid.

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The Bogle doesn\'t require much in the way of maintenance. An occasional brushing and wiping down with a damp cloth will keep this short coat in good condition. A rare bath with a good quality pet shampoo as needed.

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Ideal Environment

Bogles are high energy breeds and enjoy a large yard. If a yard isn't available, it's best to give a Bogle several leash walks a day with frequent trips to the dog park.

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he is constantly licking his paws, we have gone to the vet several times, he has medication to help, but is still licking them, what can we do to make him stop - he licks so much, they bleed. also no matter what shampoo I use - he still has a funky odor - I have tried many shampoos including my own - coconut - but one day later he is back to that odor. it is driving my crazy. thanks

My boxer started licking her paws too. Found out she's allergic to grass. Not to worry, my vet put her on an allergy medicine and it worked!!! You can also give your dog benadryl but I would ask your vet how much since it goes by weight. Hope this helps...good luck!

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