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This breed is known to be very playful and friendly, yet not as hyper as some of Corgis can be. Aussies are somewhat laid back and Augies inherit some of this good quality. They love people and seem especially fond of children. They also get along well with other dogs. Most will have prick ears, a softer fluffier coat, not quite as long in the body as a Corgi. The legs will be a little longer than the Corgi, but still short in comparison to the body. Can be any color with white markings anywhere on the body. Eyes can be any color. Nose should be black.

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This breed is hyper, affectionate, intelligent and sometimes stubborn. They crave human attention and interaction. They are not considered lap-dogs. They require a lot of daily exercise. They should be properly socialized with other animals and children from birth. They require daily training and will learn quickly based on their high level of intelligence. If under exercised, they may become bored and destructive.

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10-13 inches
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20-30 pounds
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General Health

They are very healthy for the most part but can be prone to eye and back problems.

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The Aussie-Corgi is a relatively new designer breed. The parent breed, the Corgi is thought to be an ancient breed, but definite documentation is unavailable. It is known that they were used as herding dogs. The Australian Shepherd was also developed as a working herding class of dog.

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The breed requires weekly brushing to keep shedding inside the house minimal.

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Ideal Environment

This breed loves the outdoors and prefers a large yard. Daily leash walks will be required if a yard isn't available.

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